Lindsey Smyth Transformational Therapist

Kind Words from Happy Customers

Kind Words from Happy Customers

I sought support from Lindsey to address and overcome my resistance to doing exercise, particularly avoiding running and self-care activities that I consciously want to do and that I know are good for me.

Lindsey effortlessly helped me unpack underlying blocks that were stopping me and has unlocked the key. I now feel really positive and look forward to going for my morning run instead of finding excuses not to go.

I feel privileged to have worked with Lindsey and I wholeheartedly recommend Lindsey as a therapist who can compassionately and professionally assist you to find, address and replace the sources of unhelpful beliefs.

Her calm strength and certainty in herself and the RTT® process make you feel safe and free to let go and allow change, and I have no hesitation in wanting to work with her for other issues in the future.

Joy, Canberra

Lindsey Smyth Transformational Therapist

I highly recommend Lindsey; she is a very talented therapist. I came to her for a personal issue, and we had an RTT® session together.

She listened to me and really understood me, guiding me to understand the issue and created an amazing transformation and recording.

I feel so much better – present, happy, and grounded since the session (already few months ago). Thank you so much Lindsey.

Frederique, Strasbourg

Lindsey Smyth Transformational Therapist

I have had a couple of sessions with Lindsey and from that first time, she’s very warm and welcoming. She made me feel comfortable enough to open myself up to her.

She helped me with an old issue I have had for almost 46 years, to release a huge weight I was carrying for so long and I will always be grateful for this.

Her sessions are very professional, and she actually listens to you, not only to what you say but what the underlying issues are. She has got amazing intuition for this work.

I cannot talk highly enough of Lindsey’s skills and caring nature to go through a hypnotherapy session with.

Miy, Tauranga

Lindsey Smyth Transformational Therapist

Lindsey helped me with a lifelong issue and I’m forever grateful to have met her. The
RTT therapy was rapid!! ..and transformational!!! After just one session things I
wanted to happen started happening- immediately!

One session changes your subconscious thoughts which changed my whole energy
immediately, I felt different – an amazing ‘calm’ and a reconnection to my own heart.
The way I was treated and valued by people changed and this will be the new me
forever-more, thanks to Lindsey. She can change your life!

She offers a safe, professional and extremely effective service. She allowed me the
space to work through things and really make sense of my issues (and the cause) to
eradicate unhelpful negative thoughts and beliefs that I now realise were holding me
back. I never would have known exactly what needed addressing without Lindsey’s
RTT therapy. RTT is amazing and what a phenomenal RTT therapist Lindsey is!
You won’t regret a session or more with Lindsey. Thank you so much Lindsey for
profoundly changing my life for the better.

Kirsty, Wellington

Lindsey Smyth Transformational Therapist

Lindsey is a rare human being with a capacity for understanding and empathy to depths
beyond expectation. Not only did she help me re-think and rid me of negative self-beliefs
from a couple of very personal issues, but she was also able to assist me and encourage me
to work through areas of my life I wanted to remain buried and forgotten. Her gentle
guidance and empathy for me in those situations, were handled with tremendous care and
empathy. I felt safe during our sessions together and her care continued with several phone
calls and emails after our sessions. The positive recordings she gave me to listen to were
quick and easy to use and helped keep me on track.

My mind is clearer, and my confidence grows continually thanks to Lindsey. If only I had
known in my teens how much freedom from confusion and negative head talk I now have
and all with the assistance from Lindsey. Freedom and empowerment to be me…….

A heartfelt thank you Lindsey for all you have done for me. You are awesome! Want to feel
as fantastic as me then go see Lindsey!

Steph, Hamilton

Lindsey Smyth Transformational Therapist

Lindsey and the transformational therapy was turely life changing.  Being able to re visit past scenes, make more sense of them and set right what was left undone from my childhood.  Those were the things had given me nightmares and thought lies I was carrying into my childhood.  I’m feeling more freedom, peace and connectedness to my children after just one session!

Joanne, Health Coach & Physio

Lindsey Smyth Transformational Therapist

I am so grateful I took that leap of faith and contacted Lindsey. I knew straight after the initial discovery call that RTT was going to be an effective tool for me, and I immediately clicked with Lindsey. Her warm and compassionate nature helped me overcome my initial hesitancy and anxiety about hypnosis; she made the whole experience simple and stress-free. I was amazed at how many limiting self-beliefs I had built up over the years.  After the session with Lindsey and regular listening to my recording, I noticed a considerable increase in my confidence and self-esteem. I would highly recommend working with Lindsey.

Lindsey Smyth Transformational Therapist

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